Welcome to the Relaunch of the Historic HorrorAvenue.net!

Horror Avenue is a name well known in it’s home town of Chicago and throughout the Horror Community around the world!  Originally founded by Andrew Martinek, Horror Avenue’s focus was on Production & Promotion of live music events in the Metal & Punk genre’s and screen printing T-Shirts for the music community and Chicago based horror film festivals!

After several years going strong, Andrew’s time wore kind of thin and he had to do what so many of us have to in life, pick your priorities.  For the last two years in operation, Horror Avenue only did screen printing exclusively for The Indie Horror Film Festival & The Chicago Horror Film Festival.  At the end of that two year run, Andrew decided it was time to close up shop and sold the entire Horror Avenue stock to Breaking Fate Entertainment (producers of the film festivals).

BFE continued to sell out the remaining T-Shirt stock for a couple years before it was all gone.

Now, with the break of 2015 upon us, BFE president Willy Adkins, has decided to bring this infamous name within the horror community back to life as a Horror News website!  The website will feature Horror genre film, music and entertainment news!  BFE will also be producing some various events under the Horror Avenue name, including The Horror Avenue Festival as an annual event to feature Independent Horror Films, Music and Entertainment!

Stay tuned for more news to satisfy your thirst for blood and terror, right here on HorrorAvenue.net!