Wolf McKinney Presents “Your Second Chance”

Breaking Fate Entertainment’s Vice President Wolf McKinney made his directorial debut not long ago with a short called “Gordon Finn” that has since gone on to win several awards and screen at several festivals across the US.  His 2nd film, “Guardianship” has also seen several screenings and a couple of awards.  Now this very focused director has his eyes set on a new project called “Your Second Chance”.

Your Second Chance will star award-winning actor North Roberts (Plastic, Guardianship) and Richard Esteras (What in the Sam Hill, Sister of the Wolf)!  Kevin Bui, who also wrote “Gordon Finn” is the writer of Your Second Chance.

Your Second Chance, After not paying debt to the mob, a man is given a last day to live.

The film is scheduled for production in Chicago, IL early June 2016 with premiere expected in the Fall.